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About Us

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It takes time to create our great-tasting range of pickles, chutneys, relishes and sauces.  That’s because we use traditional production methods which require a little more attention to detail.  However, for the unmistakable Seasoners flavour, we think it’s worth it.


pickle familyOne of the hallmarks of a Seasoners traditional pickle is that every succulent vegetable is soaked in brine for 24-hours before it’s added to our recipes.  There are faster, more modern ways, of course.  You can find other pickling companies who produce more, faster while adding lots of salt to make their food taste good.  But that’s not the way we do things.  We know our commitment to traditional methods gives every product in the Seasoners Fine Foods range a unique and uncompromising flavour.  No wonder we’ve supplied supermarkets and independent specialist food shops the length and breadth of the UK – from the corner shop of Coronation St through to Harrod’s.

Our history

Seasoners Fine Foods was born from the home kitchen of our MD Stephen Muller.  Having reached a career cul-de-sac, Stephen left his safe corporate job, moved to a smaller house, swapped his car for a van and set up Seasoners Fine Foods with his wife Elaine.  And so was born our premium brand, The Little Pickle & Spice Company.


That was in 1994 and more than two decades later we remain a family-run business, though we look rather different.

Our present

We’ve expanded into larger premises in north Manchester, invested in new production technology and grown to employ 15 members of staff.

foodManuThumb_r1_c7Our range has diversified too.  As well as The Little Pickle & Spice Company, we’ve added Cunningham’s – a brand whose heritage is in Yorkshire but whose appeal runs throughout the UK.  Plus, there’s our own-label, Seasoners, which enjoys a loyal following among independent delicatessens and farm shops looking for high quality produce for discerning customers.

We also produce a host of high quality sauces, pickles and chutneys for restaurants and the catering industry, as well as condiments and ingredients for other food producers.

Our future

Spices - Spoons 1We continually invest in new product development to create sauces, pickles and chutneys with irresistible flavour and that all-important shelf appeal.  Our most recent creation has been a range of delicious curry pastes using our own blend of spices for a unique flavour.

The story of Seasoners is ever-changing but our commitment to the good old-fashioned traditional methods is never compromised.  At our heart is a love of good food, and with that comes an attention to detail that’s second to none.

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